Yoast SEO for Word Press Plug-in and Why You Still Need a Content Writer

A client recently brought to my attention the newest plug-in from Word Press called Yoast SEO.  Intrigued by the idea of a robot offering the same skill set I’ve come to pride myself on, I checked it out.  After combing the website and reading about the product offerings and services, I was relieved to determine that this plug-in deserved nothing more than an exaggerated SHOULDER SHRUG, and here’s why...

What to Consider When Building a Brand

What to Consider When Building a Brand

In the process of starting your business, you’ve surely considered the idea of what it means to build your brand.  Chances are, you’ve contemplated the different directions you could attempt to steer the business toward, and perhaps, to what degree you would be able to influence the way people understand your company.  Overall, it’s perplexing, the number of contradictory messages on the internet in blogs and articles about the influence an entrepreneur has on their company’s public perception of their brand.

Small Business Blogs: It's Time to Take the Plunge

Have you considered adding a blog to your marketing mix?  Whether your answer is yes or no, the time to have started is yesterday. 

Top industry leaders in virtually every field have added some sort of blog to their marketing communication strategy.  Daily, business trailblazers are using blogs to discuss the most revolutionary and innovative topics, to engage their target market and to generate leads. 

There are many reasons why blogging can be a fruitful lead generation tool.  I want to focus on the five most crucial reasons why right now is the time to start a blog for your business.